Terms & Conditions


Distance Sales Contract

The subject of this sales contract is to define the rights and liabilities of the parties (buyer and seller) in accordance with the provisions provided under the Article No. 6502 on Consumer Protection Law regarding the service ordered by the buyer. Qualities of the said service are provided below.

Article 1 – Qualities, Price and Mode of Payment of the Contract Product

1.1- When the contract service is ordered, a common time for the tutor and student is determined by the website. The orderer should get information about the days when the tutor is available prior to ordering process.

1.2- Service Price is paid for an hour of chess lesson, whose price is 20£ for Rook category, 30£ for Queen category and 40£ for King category. Buyer should pay the service price before the lesson. Otherwise, the service will not be performed.

1.3- Buyer can purchase the service by using:

– Paypal
– Bank Transfer

Article 2 – Execution of the Contract

The contract is executed when the service purchased by the buyer from the seller is performed. The contract service will be performed at the time informed to the buyer.

Article 3 – Service Invoice

The invoice will be delivered to the buyer’s e-mail address in the form of an e-invoice following the payment of the service.

Article 4 – Force Majeure

Events which are not present or unpredictable at the time of the service as well as develop outside the control of the parties and prevent one or both of the parties from fulling their responsibilities under the contract partially or wholly or from fulfilling their responsibilities at the agreed time are regarded as force majeure. In case of force majeure events (natural disaster, war, terrorism, uprising etc.), the party who cannot fulfill its responsibilities due to force majeure shall notify the other party immediately.

 Article 5 Disputes

Consumer Arbitration Committee and Consumer Courts are authorized to resolve any dispute that may arise from a situation not provided by the above articles.

Making the purchase, the buyer is assumed to have read and accepted all 5 articles.

Membership Contract

The services on this website are provided by our company with the trade name of Chessinside.com Online Chess School. Our customers who use Chessinside.com and purchase services are deemed to have accepted all the following terms:

Chessinside.com reserves the right to change the information, forms and content on the website when it deems appropriate.

1 – Liabilities

a- Chessinside.com reserves the right to change prices and services provided at all times.
b- Chessinside.com accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the contract services except for the cases of technical failures.
c. Contact of the members of the website with each other or with third parties is at their own risk.

  1. The user agrees not to produce and share any content which is against public morality, law, violating rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, violating personal rights, infringing copyright and promoting illegal activities as part of his/her activities on the website and at any part of the website or in his/her communications. Otherwise, he/she is be fully responsible for the damage that might occur. In that case, “Website” officials can suspend and terminate such accounts as well as reserve the right to initiate legal action. For this reason, they reserve the right to share information about activities or user accounts in case of receiving a relevant request from judicial authorities.

2 – Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. Registered or unregistered, all intellectual property rights on Chessinside.com, such as title, brand, patent, logo, design, information and method belong to chessinside.com or its respective party and are protected under national and international law. Visiting chessinside.com or using the services on the website grants no right regarding the said intellectual property rights.

2.2. The information provided in Chessinside.com may not be reproduced, published, copied, presented or transferred by any means. The whole or part of the website cannot be used on another website without permission.

3 – Registration and Safety

The user must provide accurate, complete and updated registration information. Otherwise, this Agreement will be deemed to have been violated and user’s account may be closed without notice. The user is responsible for the safety of password and account on the website. Otherwise, Chessinside.com cannot be held responsible for data loss and security breaches or any damage to the hardware and devices.

4 – Amendments to the Contract

Chessinside.com reserves the right to make changes to the services offered on the website and the terms provided in this contract partly or wholly, whenever necessary. Any changes will apply on the date of their publication on the website. User is in charge of following any changes. User is deemed to have accepted any changes in case of continuing to receive services.

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