Frequently Asked Questions

How can we reach training videos?

After logging in as student, you will be able to reach “Analysis Videos” section of the website.

How do you chose levels for the classes?

Level 1: Players who are not familiar with the basics as well as the moves of each piece

Level 2: Players who are familiar with the rules, moves, and basic mates

Level 3: Players who have a tournament experience and are familiar with basic tactics

Level 4: Tournament players who have Elo points and are ready to deep dive into the chess

Level 5: Professional players with 1600 or more Elo points who are willing to play in the leagues

Each player is classified according to their level, and placed in the relevant age-based classes. Age groups are as follows: 6-10, 10-13, 13-18. It is possible to switch between categories provided that it does not disturb the overall balance.

Can we choose the trainer in group sessions?

This is possible in our custom program. The student group can specify the class day-time and which teacher they would like to work with. However, our trainers reside in different countries (Sweden, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and United Kingdom) and some of them deal with their own profession apart from chess. Due to the time difference, a common time zone suitable for both sides may not be available. In this case, our expert training coordination team will recommend the most suitable trainer for the group level.

May a 5-year old child attend courses?

Highest learning rate of human brain is in the childhood period between the ages of 3-7. The right approach is crucial in this period when “brain speed” is high. Unfortunately, the age group of 4-5 is not suitable for “online group” lessons. Our training coordination team recommends a maximum of a 30-minute private lesson, as this age group has a high learning rate and low focus skills.

How can I be informed of the classes to be opened?

If you check the “Notify me” box in the subscription process, you will be informed about the news by e-mail.

Does my proficiency in chess advance after the lessons?

Chess is not a game of chance, it is completely based on knowledge. Therefore, the more your chess knowledge increases, the more likely you will win in the game. The topics that our professional education staff will deliver are determined before the lesson and arranged according to a systematic order. Maximum development is aimed with homework given outside the lesson as well. Students who follow their lessons and do their homework will “definitely” make a progress.

Why is the number of students limited to 6 in a group?

At Chessinside.com, we are aware that the quality of education decreases in crowded classes. This is why we aim to keep course efficiency at the highest possible level with semi-private classes.

What is your group lesson price?

Group lesson prices are vary from 50 to 100 £ depending on the selected program and trainer. Please contact us for details.

Why can't i see the instructor i want to take private lessons from in the checkout screen?

To avoid any unwanted curcimstances, we remove our instructors from the checkout screen if their private lesson limit is full.

If you wish; you can wait for the said instructor to be available for private lessons again, or you can join their group lessons.

How can I sign up for Lichess?

You can sign up for Lichess, the platform where our lessons can be accessed, here: https://lichess.org/signup

How can I participate in online tournaments?

All the details regarding the program you registered will be sent to you by e-mail.

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